Biema TT+10 - Активная АС

Biema TT+10 - Активная АС
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BIEMA Производитель: BIEMA

Описание Biema TT+10 - Активная АС

Товар снят с производства, поставок больше не будет.

Frequency response - 70Hz-20KHz
Axial sensitivity 1w/1m - 96dB
Maximum SPL - 120dB
Components - BML-L1002,BMS4524-8
Frequency divide - 2.52KHz
Impedance - 8Ohm
Long-term Power(RMS) - 350W
Power peak - 450W
Input sensitivity - 0.775V
Power supply - 115V / 230V?50-60Hz
Rotatable horn - 50°- 80°
Connection - 2 x NL4R speakon
N.W / G.W - 23.2kg / 25kg
Product Dimensions - 280 x 395 x 576mm
Shipping Dimensions - 470 x 355 x 660mm

1. Power on LED (Blue)
This blue LED illuminates as an indication that the amplifier is powered up .
2. Protection LED (Yellow)
The LED will be lighted when there is a shortcut in the speaker or when the amplifier is overloaded.
3. HF clip indicator (Red)
The LED will be lighted red which means the HF input level is too high.
4. LF clip indicator (Red)
The LED will be lighted red which means the LF input level is too high.
5. Voctage selector
Ac 115v or AC 230V can be selected by using this switch .Please select your local electrcity power supply voltage before connetion.
6. Communication jack (RS485)
Setting DSP data by connet computer.
7. TRS or xLR signal input
Can accpet balance or unbalance signal.
T=+, R=-,S=GND (TRS)
Pin1:Grourd,Pin2:Positive,Pin3:Negative (XLR)
8. XLR signal output
Can be connected to the signal input of another speaker Pin1:Ground Pin2:Positive Pin3:Negative.
9. Level knob
This knob is used for adjusting the volume
For louder sound ,please turn it clockwise.
For lower soud ,please turn it anti-clockwise.
10. Power input jack115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz can be selected for power input.
11. Power output jack.
This jack is used for linking another cells.
The caution for using this jack is the same as below.
12. Power switch
ON/OFF power switch for the amplifier.
When it is set to ON,the amplifier is powered up.when it isset to OFF,the amplitier is powered off.
13. Ventilation gaps
The ventilation gaps can not be blocked on any occasions.

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